Header image of home page does not show

Hi there,
I am helping a friend with building a new site and we love your theme.
But the header image at home page does not show.
What am I doing wrong?
Hope you know :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,


Only the slider is shown on the front page, though we should probably change that in the next update and allow for header images to be shown too.

Front page = Home page right? (On subject website).
I also do not see a slider on our home page. Only blaack.
Also, if a logo is placed, the large site title does not show on top of the header… Would you care to take a look? www.monkeyfingers.nl

And yes its strange the header image does not show on the home page. Really think that should be changed in an update :slight_smile:

You don’t see a slider because you haven’t set it up. You need to go to Appearance > Customize > Slider.

Uploading a logo replaces the site title and site description.

Slider image size should be 1920x550 pixels?

Nope, about 1920x1080 or any other sizes that keep this ratio and you find acceptable. The slider goes fullscreen regardless of your image size.

Hmmm with all respect, I find that a bit strange indeed the slider consumes a lot of the page. To much to my idea. Why not keep it same size as on all pages? Really fail to see the logic.

Because the whole purpose of that slider is to be fullscreen. It’s a design choice :slight_smile:
And I don’t see it as consuming a lot of the page, I see it as showcasing bigger images.

Anyway, in the next update as I said before we will make the header image available on the front page too, so you won’t have to use the fullscreen slider if you don’t like.

I think its a design choice you should leave up to the user. It’s kinda strange to me a header (slider or not) suddenly takes up halve of the home page whilst not onother pages. It’s not consistent to my humble opinion. I would love it if you change that in an update. Until than I’ll take out the slider. Thanks a lot for your responses so far.

Sorry to ask you again but how do I turn of “leave a reaction” on each page?

Got it sorry!