Header image not working - greatmag

hey there

I am unable to get the header image to work ? it doesnt cover the entire header area

and the header image does not seem to appear anywhere ?

please assist .thanks


Can you please provide a link to affected page?

Kind Regards, Roman.



Best regards,


Hello Nelda, thank you for the link.

You won’t see header image on home page, it should be visible only on other pages. However, it looks like you haven’t uploaded any header image yet.

You can also upload Header ad image in Customize → Header area → Header ad section, it will appear on the right side of your header (where you have logo on the left side).

You can visit GreatMag demo site if you want to check how it looks like (header ad image there is just a grey image with 728×90 content).

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.