Header image in different languages

Hi Vlad, I don’t know why my random header image dissapears when choosing different language on the menu. When I go to customize and i choose an image it works in all the languages but when choosing random it dissapears just in catalan and english. My website is www.borjacostasague.com



Are you using a plugin for the languages or are you building those page manually? The random thing is an option that WP adds by default. Wouldn’t you want to use the slider if you have more images to show in the header?

Yes I’m using Polylang, but before it worked well (header image I mean). How can I fix the problem?

What happened since it was working? Have you updated Polylang or anything?
Also, you haven’t disabled the header image from Customize > Welcome Area leaving it on only for the front page, right?

Yes I updated Polylang.
No I haven’t disabled header image in customize.

What can I do?


I don’t know. There might be an issue with Polylang if the header stopped working after you’ve updated the plugin.
Can you send an admin account for me at vlad[at]athemes.com I can have a look?

I just sent it to your mail.

Well, this seems caused by Polylang so there isn’t much I can do to help. You should probably wait until they fix it. Meanwhile you can use the theme’s built-in individual header image option to set images for those two pages. You can find it when you click on Edit Page, below the post editor.

Thanks I did it as you said changing individually.