Header image In contact page

I have tried everything even searched and tried some of the things vlad mentioned to other people to fix this. However, I can not get a static image as a header on my Contact Us Page. If someone could give me a tip I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!



If you’re referring to a page that uses the Contact page template then I don’t think I mentioned any fix. The Contact page template works with a map in the header, not with an image. This would be it.

I was reading through posts for another theme. Is there any fix css work around? i would like an image instead of a map. I have tried several different things most of which give me a "header handled by “pluggable.php” or something along those lines. Anything you think of that I could tweak to get a header image? I left the address field blank for the map marker so it doesn’t show up and an image header would be great to have there. Any code tweaks for this?

Thanks Vlad!!

ps the the aThemes crew has been very helpful in my emails as well i would like to thank them as well for the previous help I have been given. so THANKS aThemes!

David Williams

There is no CSS workaround because this is not CSS related. Only thing you can do is create a child theme and overwrite the Contact page template from that child theme. Let me know if you need help with this.

Sure would be helpful i know you are busy vlad. Im learning wordpress because it is a fast easy way to work with powerful addons. I’m used to hand coding (mind you its been 6 years since I have coded, I stopped to give my mother full-time care after her stroke) so ill take as much help as i can get with setting up a child theme and editing the “contact us” page to have a header image. Again thank you for your continued support.


Themes are hand coded too :slight_smile:

Here’s the official page about building a child theme: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes
It’s really easy but you need to build it so you can do your changes in an update-proof manner.

After that create a page-templates folder into your child theme and copy the contact page template from the parent. When you’re done with that we’ll see about the necessary code changes.

Alright sorry I work 60+ hours a week but done! Now, whats next Vlad?

All you should do now is open up the contact page template in your child theme and replace get_header('contact'); with get_header('featured-image');. After that just set a featured image for that page and it should show up in the header.

Thanks vlad. Actually, I tried that first(before you responded) and got a gray box where the featured image would go. So, I tried get_header(); and that worked for me.

Although, I don’t know why a grey box showed up when I tried get_header(‘featured-image’); I would say resolved on this post but maybe I missed a step somewhere. What do you think?

You probably didn’t set a featured image? Anyway, just get_header() is okay too if you don’t want an unique image for that page.

Oh ok got ya! Next question The header background color… I want to be completely clear on the contact page… i tried to set the color to false but it didn’t work… What am I doing incorrect?

Use this in your child theme’s style.css (Appearance > Editor):

.page-template-page_contact .overlay {
      background-color: transparent !important;

Didn’t work…

Post a link to your page please. You’re trying to remove the dark overlay that sits on top of your header image on the contact page, correct?

yes Contact Us thanks Vlad!

Oh, you want to remove the menu bar background? Use this please:

.page-template-page_contact .site-header {
     background: transparent;

still nothing…? :confused:

that made it a white… what I would like the menu to overlay the header image

oh ps. thanks you are awesome Vlad