Header image dissapeared

Just now, after updating the Moesia pro theme to version 1.37 I lost my header image on the frontpage.

In the customize menu its still visible, but it doesn’t show on the website.
I tried uploading the picture again, save and see, but the header image doesn’t show up.

What can I do to resolve this?


There were no changes to the header in the latest version, nor did anybody report this issue and the new version is live for about one week.
Can you post a link please so I can see?

Hi Vlad,

I have the same issue as this, it seems my header image is now only showing on smaller screens. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated.



Hi Hugo,

I’m going to need to see your site. Though you should probably check your custom code if you have any as this shouldn’t be caused by the theme’s original code.

My site is www.activize.co, i have no idea why this is happening. Only happened since i updated Moesia

Thanks for your help!

If it helps, i think it is cutting out at 1027 pixel size

The image is there, you probably updated from a much older version and you have caching issues. Simply refresh your page and you should see it.

Thanks that has sorted the image issue! Now though the padding around each element in my page builder has increased massively, this has distorted all the page i have built. How do i reduce the automatic padding? Any ideas?

There were no changes in padding, it’s always been 80px top/bottom. You can add this in a custom CSS plugin or child theme if you want to change it:

.panel-grid-cell section {
     padding: 80px 30px;

I’m struggling to solve a problem with a disappeared header image on the front page of a client’s web site: http://aftercoal.com/ . The header image shows up as selected in the “Customizing Header Image” area, but it doesn’t actually show up on the page in the test bed nor in the deployed site. It used to work. Now there is just blank transparent space where the image is supposed to go. I’ve updated to the latest Moesia Pro version. The image is 1920x1080. The image works as a background image, but not as a header image. I tried selecting your “suggested” header image just in case there was something weird about my image files, but yours has the same behavior. Hopefully there is an easy fix available!