Header image disappears on mobile

Everything was working fine until last night. All of a sudden, the header image no longer appears on a mobile. The main title decorations also have disappeared on mobile only.

I installed the easy google fonts plugin (but have deactivated it and reactivated it to see if that was causing the problem and it doesn’t seem to be).

I also installed the recommended Site Origin Widgets bundle plugin. I am using that in addition to the Page Builder by Site Origin. I also checked the bundle plugin to see if that was causing it and it isn’t.

I do have a child theme with a header.php file, but I haven’t done anything to it and don’t plan to unless you tell me to.

My site isn’t live and I can’t add you at the moment.

Are you able to help me figure out what’s going on and how to get the header image and main title decorations to appear on mobile?

Thank you so much for your help!

Not only is the header image disappearing on mobile, the background image on the call to action Moesia FP widget also does not display on mobile devices.

So, no header image with welcome text and description, no main title decorations, and no background image on the call to action widget will display on the mobile phone.

I’m so close to being done…please help! Thank you so very much!