Header height and not showing it on mobile device


I am trying to adjust the header for my site pages other than my title page.

I went to /customize/header area/header media and selected my header image. It shows on all my pages except on my title page. This is ok. My pages are set to template «Front Page».
What I would like to do is:

  1. Reduce the height of my header by half. I went to the field «Header height (default: 300 px) but it does change even if I change that value. How can I reduce the height?
  2. Also, is there a way to not show the header on a mobile device?
  3. Last question, is there a way to show different text (title) in the Header of each page?
    Here is the link to my site: https://claudepaquincoaching.ca

Thanks for your help

Hello Claude,

1. I don’t see any image in your header now, so is this issue still actual?

2 and 3. Please create a separate topic for each of these issues to make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support