Header Font Size

Hi, I am trying to change the size of h3 font on a front page. I uploaded my own font using USE ANY FONT widget. When trying to change the font in CUSTOMISE section it does not work. The font stays unchanged.

I tried to install the FONT widget (https://wordpress.org/plugins/font/) but this somehow could not change all the h3 on the front page.

The web site is www.brilife.com

I believe the solution is very easy. Please help.

Thank you


The widget titles on the front page have their own font size option. They’re bigger than regular H3s. See Customize > Fonts and scroll down to see the option.


Thank you - I was always changing the h3 - the result only showed while changing the font size - after hitting save & publish no it turned back to higher font.

I changed the home page font size and now it works. Thank you for your great and instant support.