Header differences between safari and chrome


please have a look at yak.channelunity.com for example.

password: y139wLLm

When viewing in Chrome the spacing between header and first image seems right but when in Safari it’s ridiculously far apart. When I use CSS to reduce the padding I can make it look right in Safari but not in Chrome.

Do you have a fix for having the site look correct in both browsers please?



Hi Matt,

I’ve checking your site in both chrome and safari but looks like the space is displayed normally.

I can see below the header that there is images which is displayed in white color http://prntscr.com/9ssyvu. Did you mean those space?


Hi Awan,

Thanks for the quick response. There’s definitely a difference between safari and chrome and it’s not those images that you’ve identified (they’re just work in progress)

This screenshot shows a safari window with a chrome window behind it to show the difference.


You can see that the space on the safari window looks silly. This is the padding on the header bar. If I reduce the padding using CSS then Safari starts looking right but when using chrome the image overlaps with the header/menu so that starts looking wrong. It’s a great theme and I’d love to use it for our new site but given that the vast majority of our users are Chrome or Safari users it needs to look good on both and I’m now wondering whether I’m going to need to look for something else.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Oh I see, its between the top menu and the header.

Checked, and both looks good for me http://prntscr.com/9suqnt

Have you try to clear cache your browser?

Right, got it.

It’s something that happens when you’re logged in to wordpress. As soon as I log out it works just fine.

The hours I’ve spent wondering what on earth was causing that!!!

Thanks for your help Awan.