Header contact information doesn't support links

Hi. I’ve setup Airi Pro on a website in a staging environment while I get all of the content and customization in. One thing that perplexes me is that the contact information at the top of the page (phone, address, hours) do not support being a link. I’ve tried including an html link to the text field in the customizer but Wordpress filters out html from that field. I’d like to turn the address and phone number into a link for mobile customers so that they can make a call by just clicking the phone number.


Hi Verdi,

It seems likely we can add a link to the phone number with extra custom jQuery code.

To help me get the exact selector before writing and testing the code, please provide us a link to your webstite here.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

It could, yes. It would be much better to just add a link field as a templated item so that it is served and rendered without javascript though.

The pertinent selectors from the logistics template are:

Hi, it’s been a couple weeks. Could someone please look into and resolve this ticket?