Header contact info custom text

Hello. I’m working with Sydney Pro. I need to plug in some custom content above the header, so decided to buy Pro and use the Header Contact Info section under Customization.

First, I go to the Header Contact Info and I set the following:
“Activate the header contact info?” - checked
Phone Number, Email Address, Address - I left them all blank.
“Center the contact info?” - unchecked.
Contact background is #1c1c1c

What I’m trying to do is to have a dark (#1c1c1c) background with some custom text and call to action button, without the built-in phone number / email / address that are provided in the Header Contact Info (because they don’t render great IMHO on mobile).

For the custom text and CTA -
I followed the instructions and plugged in the code per this thread:

The problem I’m having is - when phone / email / address are all blank, the dark background is too narrow (on desktop; mobile looks ok). I need it to come all the way down to the header background, and it is not doing so. Any ideas? If I type in a space in the (say) email field in the Header Contact Info, the dark background is rendering correctly, but then there’s a hanging email icon.

See ****.com [website removed]

Maybe throw a min-height on that contact header?
.header-contact { min-height: 55px; }

Nice. Works. Thank you.