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I need to create head contact details for my moesia site, similar to how they are here http://deeval.co.uk using a different theme off you. I’m using Moseia Pro - can you advise how I candy this?



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Thank you for asking.

I’m afraid that currently there is no an option to that through the Customizer panel. As the solution, you would need to insert a couple of HTML codes through the following PHP function.

add_action('tha_header_after', 'moesia_child_insert_contact_details');
function moesia_child_insert_contact_details(){
   <!-- Your contact details go here -->

You should pass it in child theme mode.

You would need to add a couple of CSS codes to style your newly created HTML content. You can write them in the child theme’s style.css file.

I hope this reply helps you a bit.

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Thank you! Just thinking, would I be better inserting it via the simple Css plug in to save alter ting the heart of the theme?


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I’m afraid we can’t do that. As far as I know, the PHP code can’t be executed from the Simple Custom CSS plugin.

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