Header Code Showing


Header Code loads for 3-5 Seconds across multiple browsers.

Cleared all cache on browsers, no resolution
Cleared all WP cache, no resolution
Uninstalled all plugins, no resolution
Uninstalled and re-installed Theme, no resolution
Shows on all browsers and multiple PC’s

Header slider sometimes shows every time cycle starts from beginning.


Tested on a clean install on a completely different domain on WP Version 9.8

Tested on a completely different domain using 7.8 & 8.3

Same exact error showing on all domains. This has to be an error with the slider, only occurs with the slider.



Do you have debugging activated? Please check: https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress and turn it off if you have it active.

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Debugging is not activated, never was activated.



Please give me an admin access to your website in a Private Message, so I can inspect this issue further in your wp-admin.

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Had to move websites because the other one cannot be down due to error.

New link is here. Same exact problem on all domains.




Sent message to you with Credentials



Ok, I will check it and will reply to you there.

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Any ETA on when I should expect a response?


@csaba any update? This was originally reported 11 days ago after diving through the forums and looking at multiple trouble shoot options that could not be resolved. Was hoping to resolve before the 15th.



Really sorry about the delay, this topic was assigned to me but I haven’t seen the notification.

The issue you’re having is with an Apache module as far as I can see which doesn’t work properly with the theme’s slider. So I added some CSS for you to get rid of the code and show only the image you have. The disadvantage is that it won’t work properly for more images.



Perfect, I only need one image so that works perfectly. Could you share or send me the CSS that you used so I can test it on other websites?


Got it to work, thank you!

Only other question I have is, how do I center the quill theme? Fit 100% or even 95%, and center? Everything is aligned more to the left.


The CSS is in Customize > Additional CSS.

Not sure I understand your question or see what exactly is aligned to the left. Perhaps you can share a screenshot.



Nevermind I went a different route, thank you.