Header changing in Moesia

Hi! I have two types of headers on my site.
This https://utesheva.pro/ I can change on the Welcome area editing.

But this https://utesheva.pro/otzyvy/ I don’t understand how to change.

Can you tell me how can I change it? Thank you!

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us about our theme Moesia. I am happy to help out.

Your page uses Testimonials page template, that shows list of testimonial entries with special markup written directly in the template file and for design reason the editing panel for that page is not needed.

If you want to some markup changes, you can duplicate the page_testimonials.php file from the main theme’s folder to copy to your child theme’s folder, then edit the code from there.

Visit this documentation about WordPress child theming, in case you don’t know about it before.

I hope this reply helps. Let me know in new topics if you have any other questions.

aThemes Support