Header Buttons

Hi There!

First off, this theme is great! Thanks so much!

I had a quick question and this is plain and simply a feature request per se… Is there a way that I can add one or two more buttons to the header beyond the two that are there?

I’m just curious, would help me a lot! Everything else so far is great! Thanks!!



Not really possible at the moment. We’ll have to make the header text+buttons function pluggable first so you can recode it as you need.
Anyway, most likely 4 buttons + text won’t fit on the image on mobiles so you’ll have to hide some of the buttons on smaller screens.

OK Thanks, that helps!

You could create a block at the top of the page that duplicates the look of the header. Then you can add as many buttons as you like. Simply hide the real header after this is done through the Customizer.