Header button transition

Hi there,

when one clicks on the header button of my website (www.hfofreearctic.org), is it possible that:

  1. it slides down, instead of closing on header and reopening on first section (“overview”)?

  2. that it doesn’t crop the title of the first section (“Overview”)

Thx a lot in advance for your help!


I assume you got this to work? Looking at your site, it seems both your questions are solved.

Almost actually,

the transition works well from the menu tab but there is still an issue from the button header.

When one clicks on it, it goes to the “Overview” section (good) but crops the title (not so good).

Ans also is it possible to have, from the header button, a transition that slides (the same as for the menu tabs)?

Thx a lot for your help!

The header button is not included in the smooth scroll code at the moment. You can do it yourself until we included. Install this plugin and add this please:

jQuery(function($) {
	$('.header-button a[href^="#"]').on('click',function (e) {

	    var target = this.hash;
	    var $target = $(target);

		$('html, body').stop().animate({
		     'scrollTop': $target.offset().top - 70
		}, 900, 'swing');

Thx a lot Vlad!

Hey Vlad,

I have the same problem on this page. In the menu bar, when one click on “Members” and “Advisors” (under “About us”), it doesn’t slide down, it kind of refresh the page instead. And it cuts off the title of the targeted section.

I guess I “just” have to add another piece of code to the plugin TC Custom JavaScript but I have no clue what to write in there… :frowning:

Could you help me with that?

Thx a lot in advance!

And actually when I’m on this page the menu doesn’t work anymore…

Could someone help me, as well with message above?

Thx a lot!


Sorry, I missed your last post.

So the smooth scroll code is mostly useful for one page sites, that’s why it’s causing issue in a multipage setup.

First issue: it doesn’t slide down because your links don’t start with #, but are instead full links.
Second issue: those menu items that you mention don’t work because they don’t exist on the About page. They should be full links to work.

So you can see how issue 1+2 sort of conflict with each other.
I’ll try to come up with a better solution for the next update so that sites that aren’t one page are handled better.

Ok, thx

Redownload the theme please: https://athemes.com/theme/talon/
Should work fine now. Let me know how it goes.

Thx a lot for this very quick answer!

I’ve downloaded the zip, unziped it, replaced the Talon folder in ftp.

But it looks like it’s still not working…

Have I done something wrong?

Well Members and Advisors now work. The rest won’t work from the About page because they’re not full links so the website doesn’t know where to go.

For Overview for example instead of #pg-7-0 you need http://www.hfofreearctic.org/#pg-7-0 because you need to tell it on what page to go.

You can also remove the custom code I gave you earlier in this topic.

Edit: and you slider image can be much smaller than it is now. You should resize it.

Amazing! Thx so much Vlad!!!