Header Area: how to paste additional graphics?

Hi, how do I add additional graphics to the header area? I have created custom link in the menu section and I would like to paste the language flag (clickable) near to the created link:

Kind regards, Sebastian

Hello there,

Multilingual plugin usually has an option display language flags based on chosen language. In Polylang, you could use Language Switcher.


Hello Kharis,

thank you, but that’s not exactly the case of a language switcher. I know that plugin.

Problem is I have two different websites with two different domains, connected with links to each other (polish and english). I just wanted to mark those links redirecting to other page with a language flag. Clicking this link (and clickable flag) will redirect to other domain. And marking this link in the header area with a flag will make it more visible.

So again, any chance I can add such a flag next to above mentioned link located in header area?

Regards, Sebastian

Hello Kharis,

I think I have temporary solved the problem using this topic:

It would be perfect if it was a button with a flag but it looks quite ok anyway :slight_smile:

Best regards, S