Header area and title on fullwidth page


I’d like to hide the header area on fullwidth page template.
I hide the title on page, by suppressing the title loop in Content-page.php, but it still have a blank space instead of the header/title on my pages. How can I suppress it ?

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Hello Celia,

Do you have a URL to your site?

The website is on localhost for the moment, but I have a picture of pages, with the blanck space before the title :

http://www.casimages.com/i/151008122333955112.jpg.html *

Ooh… did you mean you want to remove the text slider on the header area? if so, you can remove the text from customize > Header area > Header slider

Not exactly, I have already remove the header, but my pages (exept the front one) have a blank space instead of the header (the title of the page was automaticly here but I hide it). Look at the picture link.

(sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Let me clarify…
you want the header image are displayed on the front page only, and not for all pages. is it correct?

if so, you can set it from customize > header area > header type > then choose the “only menu” for the site header type.

It would help me to understand the issue if you upload your site to public :slight_smile: