Having trouble getting post formats to work

Hey there Vlad,

My quotes, video, audio, etc, format are not working. I did what the documentation said, got the Custom Fields Suite plugin and imported the code provided, but it still doesn’t work. I tried both regenerating the thumbnails and making new posts, but no luck. The only other plugin I have installed is Simple Custom CSS.


Can you post a link to your website please?

Hey, managed to get the post formats to work, Vlad. However, something else came up. I noticed some of the icons don’t show up sometimes, like the ones on the social menu, as well as the arrows on the sliders and the link icon when you hover the mouse over the posts’ image.


I have noticed this problem only some times on the pc with google chrome, in mobile and tablets they appear just fine. Also, this problem happens only on the homepage, never inside the posts, for some reason.


I don’t see the issue in Chrome, but I see it in Firefox. It’s because of a cross-origin resource issue and it’s not theme related.
You’re loading the fonts from here: http://tavernafimdomundo1.hospedagemdesites.ws/
You need to either stop loading them from a different website, or you can add some code into your htaccess file. Let me know how you want to do it.

Hi Vlad. Not sure what I did wrong as I was setting the site to have this second origin from where I’m loading the fonts. I understand it is not theme related, and will look into it with my host, but of course if you know how I could change this issue I would appreciate all the help I can get. :slight_smile:

I would prefer to correct the loading source rather than add some code. If I have any trouble setting the fonts to load from the correct tavernafimdomundo.com site I’ll guess I’ll try changing the htaccess file as a plan B.

Thanks again for the help.