Having multiple issues with footer, crelly slider, and homepage


I’m sorry in advance if it’s difficult to view my site - I cannot figure out how to turn of country blocking (which I never turned on so I’m not sure how that happened).

The text on my crelly slides appears to be cut off (it’s bottom-right) and when I make my browser window smaller the footer appears below the slider. It’s really weird behavior and I can’t figure out how to correct it - can someone take a look at my css and tell me if something in the footer is messing with my header? Again, the issues are exasperated by changing the size of the browser.

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting, but, I can’t figure out where the problem as it looks fine to me on smaller screen.


Have you manged it yourself? If haven’t yet, please take a screenshot to help me easier finding it. To attach an image here, use a free file hosting service like https://cloudup.com/, upload it and share its link here.