Having few bugs on my several webpages

Hello. I’m really happy to using “Sydney” as a cool kit on my website and looks really cool. However, I have three issues that I have to fix it ASAP…
・On my “Resume” page, I cannot control the size of each words. I want to differentiate the size each title Bigger and make each lists smaller. Obviously, this page is looks really weird. Even though I keep editing through Wordpress “Edit page”, always doesn’t work.
・On “Gallery” page, I using “PHOTO GALLERY” Plugin, so that I can post several pictures. But when I check my Publish version, they always said, “There is no album selected or the album was deleted.” I really need to have Gallery section on website, so I need to fix this bug or use another type of Plugin which is good functioning with Sydney.
・They should have LOGO with big, “W” on “Press”&“Project” page, but you won’t see this on my publish version as well. Does it hard to loading “png” compare with “jpg”? I also would like to know what is the best way to post “png” on each webpage.

Let me know if you can help me out with this three. Thanks for your help.
Link: obiesho.com


  • I see you’re using a plugin there. It wraps the elements of your first list in <h4> tags, that’s why they’re so big.
    Can’t really provide support for plugins, but you should do your lists directly from the post editor. Not sure why you’re using a plugin.

  • Not sure if the plugin is conflicting with the theme, I’ve never used it. There are plenty of plugins available for galleries.

  • I don’t understand what you’re asking. Yes, pngs are usually bigger than similar jpegs if that’s what you’re asking.

Hi, Vlad thanks for your response.

  • I do actually NOT using any plugin in this page. I edit directory from post editor. That’s why I am asking. But let me know if you think I don’t understand.
    If I’m using plugin on this page, I don’t know which plugin bothering me.

  • Any recommendation from your experience about gallery which you used before?

  • Sorry makes you confuse. I wanna know why original post editor cannot loading logo (png) on this page? And I also wanna know solution for that.

  • what I meant is that you’re using a plugin to create your resume. I don’t know which plugin you’re using though but you are using one for sure.

  • Nextgen Gallery is okay.

  • Not really sure how you’ve added the image but you just need to use the Add Media button on the post editor.