Having blog feed both on homepage and on a separate page in a menu


Initially I set the homepage of my blog to display a static page. At the same time I created a separate page for my blog feed and included corresponding item into blog menu.

Later I decided that I want my homepage to display blog feed as well. So I changed the theme settings to display the blog feed on the homepage, but when I switched to my initial blog feed page in menu, I noticed, that the blog page exists, but all the posts have gone, it`s just empty (https://stage.scrumteam.pro/blog/)

Is it possible to have a blog feed both on homepage and on separate page to be accessible from the main menu?

The idea is that I want the static blog feed page be something permanent, indexed by search engines and present in main menu. At the same time the homepage content may be changed over time. Right now I`d like it to show recent posts, but later will change the content to something different.

Please, advise!

Best regards,

Hello Andrew,

It looks like it’s uncommon use of blog index page, where WordPress only allows one place. I found a related plugin that might be what you’re looking for.

If it doesn’t work for you, I highly recommend you consult to the WordPress support community in this channel. Because it’s really out of the scope of general theme, like Sydney, can do.


Thank you for you help, Kharis! I will give it a try.