Have no ideia how to solve this or who to ask

Hey guys, i’m running a Sydney theme on my Wordpress page. I really like it.

The thing is, some user are complaining about this:

when you type directly on the browser bar cubienergia.com and www.cubienergia.com the results are different. We only noticed in Chrome that the version without the WWW.
So www.cubienergia.com lands on https://www.cubienergia.com
And cubienergia.com lands on https://www.cubienergia.com/wp-admin

I have no idea why this is happening and also don’t know where to look for some help. Can you guys help me out or indicate the direction that I should search for?

Hello there,

Thank you for choosing Sydney. I don’t think that site address rendered in the web browser’s address bar is a matter which lies in the theme’s code. In order to get the correct answer about such this site address config, please go to this support channel on WordPress.org community forum.