Hamburger-menu not showing

The hamburger-menu-icon is not showing when the window is made smaller. So there is no way to navigate the site.
I use sidney as a child-theme, but I have not done many changes. But when I use the parent theme the menu is showing.

Also, there is a black space between the header and the content area. It appears to be part of the footer. I can’t figure out how to remove it.

Also, great theme!


Delete everything you don’t need from the child style.css and see after that. I see you copied the whole stylesheet there and only added a single extra rule. Keep that one and delete the rest.

That was it! Thanks!

Regarding the black line below the headers. The colors seems to be controlled by the settings background color for smaller screens.

But on bigger screens it is changed in the setting Footer widget area background. But I don’t want the footer widget area to have the same color as the content-area. So, there is the dilemma.

I don’t really know what you have there. The HTML markup isn’t the default one, so I’m guessing you made some changes somewhere.
Anyway, an easy fix for that black bar is to add this:

.footer-widgets {
   clear: left;

Thank you so much!
Everything resolved!

Great. Ratings are appreciated if you enjoy the theme: :slight_smile: