Hamburger Menu Link/Text Colour Change

Dear Athemes Team,

Please accept my apologies if this question is silly.

It is for my site for which I sent logon details for to Vlad as a just-in-case.

I was wondering if there is a fast and easy way within the theme to change the hamburger menu text item colours (in screenshot).

Edit: Also the background colour of the actual menu, which is currently black, but the nav bar is sticking out as blue, so I think I’d probably like to keep them the same colour at the same time if that makes sense.

I might have missed it. Apologies if this is the case.

Thanking you,

Kind Regards,


I’m currently searching for this too!

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Hi @designmakeyoudigital

Seems like the site are in “Coming soon” mode.
Can you disable it for a while and let me check it.

Hi Awan,

I made some special login details for athemes.

Would you like for me to email them to you? I am not quite ready yet to take the coming soon mode off.


I’ve not yet solved it yet, albeit I can do it with CSS. I was simply hoping that there was an option to do it in the actual theme - but we will see :slight_smile:


There is currently no theme option to change the color for the mobile toggle, but we’ll add one.

Meanwhile, the CSS looks like this:

@media (max-width: 1199px) {
  .menuStyle1 .mobile-menu-toggle_lines:before, 
  .menuStyle1 .mobile-menu-toggle_lines:after,
  .menuStyle1 .mobile-menu-toggle_lines {
      background: #fff;

Here’s a temporary solution for your second question. It does indeed look bad in your use case (and most likely others too) so we’ll handle it permanently in the next update.

.mobile-menu-active #masthead {
    background: #13151d;
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Thank you so much Vlad, you are my hero! :smiley:

The CSS changes just the header color, right? How to change the background menu color from black to white?