H3 Font Appears Huge

When I change the font size of the H3 titles, the appearance changes as it should while the Customizer is open, but upon Save and Publish and closing the Customizer, the font is huge. From my rudimentary inspection of the CSS, the font is set to the correct value, but nevertheless appears much larger.

I hope it is a simple issue?



I assume you want to set it for the widget titles? Use this in a custom CSS plugin please:

.so-panel.widget .widget-title {
       font-size: 40px;

Some of the widget titles seem to have changed to 40px, but others are still large (or else the large are actually 40, and some are small)…

Would that custom CSS code also change WP text widget titles?

Also, and not sure if this is related to the issue, whenever I change the “Home Page Widget Titles Size” in fonts, it reverts back to “0”.

Thanks for your help!

I used h3.widget-title { font-size: etc. and h4.service-title etc. to fix the issues.

Not sure if there are some bugs in the Customizer’s font inputs, though.