H1 Header? Where is it?

Hey guys,

several Testing websites tell me that they cannot find h1 headers on my blog.

Since this is important for SEO I would like to know if that is really the case.

When I look at the Source text. When i look at the source code. It says <h1> Title </h1>

so everything is fine, right? Just double checking :slight_smile:

Hello there,

What is the URL which refers to your blog page?

> When i look at the source code. It says <h1> Title </h1>

Please share the URL of the page you were seeing.


Hi Kharis,

here are two examples of my blogposts. I tried around 10 SEO Tools and all of them say i do not have H1 title tags :confused:


Thanks for your help,


Dear Johannes,

I checked your shared pages by using this tool. H1 tags do exist. What SEO tools were you using?


Some of the tools in that post indicated it. Not sure why.

Thanks for looking it up. solved :slight_smile: