H1 and H2 in blog posts

I just started with Intro and really happy with the results so far.
I was wondering how to get H1 titles in my blog? My other theme I use has a drop down menu with paragraph, h1, h2…etc.) but I don’t see it in the blog/wordpress. IS there a plugin I need to upload?

Also, hope it’s okay to ask another question, but I am wondering how the different sections on my site on that one page have their same color background?
(ie Random facts about Alex is black bc the background is black, but the Blog post is white with black sides bc the background is black. Anyway to make it full width white like in your demo?)

thank you



  1. you can’t add anything to assigned blog page because it will automatically pull and display your blog posts. What is it that you want to add inside blog page?

  2. For full width edit your front page > wrench icon for desired row > edit row > Theme and set Row Layout to Full Width (here you will also find option for background color).

thanks, I figured out what you meant. Had to use Full width Stretched.



You need to have siteorigin page builder plugin, see documentation.

Screenshots of how to do it:
img1 img2