Gutenberg Editor with Wordpress 5

I assume this template will work well with the Gutenberg editor coming with wordpress 5 as well as all the pagebuilder plugins.

Hello there,

Yes, the theme future Sydney Pro theme’s update will fully compatible with any newer WordPress features including Gutenberg. Hopefully we can finish it as soon as possible. Please be patience.


When are you anticipating the update done?

Judy Haar


The update is already done, we just haven’t released it yet. The plan was to wait until the very last moment in case any changes show up in Gutenberg, because 5.0 was already postponed a few times. Anyway, even if we release the update after 5.0 is released, it doesn’t affect you in any way. It’s just about matching the editor styles to the front end styles, otherwise the editor and blocks work just fine.

thank you

Judy Haar