Grid Style blog format

How do I adjust the number of post previews that display in the masonry/grid style? It appears the limit is 10, which results in a single orphaned post at the bottom of my homepage. I’d like it to be 12, so each row appears complete.

Thanks for all your help and responsiveness!


Try Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most (change from 10 to 12).

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Thank you, Charlie! - that fixed it.

Now that 12 posts are showing in the masonry grid, it appears that some of the posts are shuffled and listed out of chronological order. Any way to force them to get in line correctly?

Thanks again!


They are in order. It goes from left to right in chronological order.

I assumed as much, but they are not displaying correctly along that logic:

(Wish I could include a screenshot here.)

Unfortunately, the script doesn’t allow the posts to be ordered by chronological order. It just arranges them based on the best fit. This script is bundled in WordPress core and there aren’t any other alternatives we can use. One things you could do is make sure all your thumbs are the exact same size.

Ok, fair nuff. Thanks for the clarification that at least nothing is “wrong.”