Grey boxes on services icons

Hi Vlad,

Can you please help me to withdraw the grey boxes behind the services icons, as you can see on the image below?

My website is

Thank you in advance


The option for the background image you’re using is deprecated. You should set it from the Edit Row menu. That one doesn’t activate those grey boxes.

Hi Vlad,

That didn’t work. I go to Edit Row » Theme » background » i put the URL of the image, i save, and then nothing happens… Maybe it’s from the URL i don’t know…

Thank you once again

It is indeed from the URL. It needs to be the link to the actual image. So for your services block you probably wanted to use this:
You would also need to revert the background color to default for that row.

Yes, it is working now Vlad, it was because of the background color of that row.

Thanks a lot once again! And i think i never said this but great theme!