Greatmag: Settings for Featured Posts Widget

Is it possible to make the images in the Featured Posts Widget all the same size? The widget seems to want to make one big image and four smaller ones.


No, that’s the whole point of the widget’s design.
Just to clarify, we are talking about the first widget from the demo page, yes?

yes that’s the widget i’m trying to style. problem is, if you make your featured images a different aspect ratio to the ones in the demo, it comes out all wonky. like this: screenshot of test images

does it mention somewhere about the ideal image size for featured images? (in the same way it prompts the ideal size for site icon upload)



I assume those images were there before you installed Greatmag? If so, you’ll have to regenerate them using a plugin like this:

Images would have to be at least 1200x850. The theme will crop them to the correct size if they’re big enough.

actually, I’m making the images to add to posts that i’ve imported. i will try making new ones at 1200x850 and report back.

Hi Vlad - its still not happening. whatever size i create my featured images, the layout of the Featured Post widget is still off. I’ve tried deleting the widget and add in a new one, and haven’t changed any of the default values for padding or design.
unfortunately I can’t add a link because i’m using a redirected hosts file to build the new site before redirecting the DNS.

I’m afraid I can’t help much without seeing the site.
It’s possible that your issue is JS related if you’re images are correct. Perhaps it just doesn’t initialize properly, but that’s something I would have to see.