Great theme! Need a few small things solved!


I would like to do the following:

  1. in my services section, it seems the text part has a maximum amount and then cuts off. Is there a way to make this maximum higher?

  2. My project section is set to full width but seems small still. Is there a way to make the images bigger? Also, I would like the pages when you click the image to be full width, how can I do that?

  3. I want to make all the buttons on my site have a solid background, not when it hovers, how can I do that?

  4. I added the social widget and the button background is a bright yellow and that needs to be changed. How can I do that?



  1. Nope, sorry.
  2. You’ll need to overwrite the theme’s projects image sizes using this plugin.
  3. Use this in a custom CSS plugin and adjust the color as needed:

button, .button, input[type="button"], input[type="reset"], input[type="submit"] {
   background-color: #444;

  1. The yellow color is the primary color. You can go to Customize > Colors and change it.

Hi Thanks for your reply!

Two last things:

I applied the code for the button background and it was perfect! But now the text only appears when I hover! How can I make it stay permanently without the hover!

Also, the primary color for the site is set, but the buttons are still yellow. They were added by the “social” widget. I created a “Social Media” menu through links, and added the address for each of them. I cannot find another place to control their color!

I have sent you an email invite as an admin user from tpotcollective if you want.


If you could please share a link for your site so I can see exactly. I haven’t received any invite.

hi yes, i need your email to send an invite or a screen shot.


Sorry, I misread.

Should be fine now. Remember to delete the account you’ve sent for me please.

Can you tell me what you did to change the social icons colour, Vlad?

You can add this in a custom CSS plugin:

.social-menu-widget a {
      background-color: #333;

One last thing…In the footer, I need 2 phone numbers available. Is there a way to make a <br> so that they are stacked and that the icons stay aligned?


Nope, sorry. That would require altering the widget’s code directly.

Thank you!!! ;-))