Great plugin - Just need help with the widget


Love your plugin and it’s working great.

I was wondering if you know a way to make the recent posts widget exclude certain posts or categories?

I only want it really to show posts from a specific category but at the moment it’s showing all posts.

I tried using a hide posts plugin which does indeed hide the posts but they still show up in the widget. If you can help me reslove this it would be great!


Thank you for asking about our theme, AReview. I am happy to help out.

Can you please share a link to your page and point me to the section you need help with – what that section reads? Sharing a screenshot may be helping better. So I can suggest your with the exact solution afterwards.

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The site is topadultwebcamreviews dot com (NSFW).

A sample page is here topadultwebcamreviews dot com/site-reviews/shortcode/

I just want to show posts from 1 category. Currently, it’s showing posts from multiple categories:

This is the widget area:

Many thanks for your help.

Sorry but couldn’t post full links as the form will only allow 2 links.

Hi again,

Just to let you know I no longer need help. I have chosen to use a different widget that does the job.

Thanks, anyway.

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Great! Glad to know you got the plugin that works for your need. Thank you for letting us knnow. I really appreciate it.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

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