"Great mag feature post" images


I have two questions about “Great mag feature post” widget.

  1. Which size should be images to display properly in the widget ?

I tried 1200x850, as recommanded by Kharis Sulistiyono in the forum, but I still have a small gap between images.
Images included in the demo contents all have a different size : 1280 × 853 ; 1274 × 849 ; 1280 × 851 ; 1268 × 845 ; …
It looks nice on the demo but it is just impossible to reproduce in real case.

  1. How can I choose the placement of images ?

I’ve done several tests but I don’t understand how the 5 images are ordered in the widget ? It seems to be random.

Thank you for your help with this.

Hello there,

1200x850 works well to me as seen on the below (first) screenshot. Maybe your site still loads older images due to site cache applied? Have you tried flushing it?


The order is actually taken from publish date of the selected posts. It’s ordered chronologically where the latest one will be placed in the most top left, the big one in the middle is the second post. It doesn’t really follow the order seen in the widget field of “Choose your posts”, that’s why it’s a bit confusing. To helps you easier understand it, please take a look at this screenshot:


To do custom ordering, you can manipulate the publish date of each post. However it might be complicated and time consuming. For easier solution, you can use Post Types Order plugin.

If this reply doesn’t help you, please share a link to your site, so I can check and inspect what’s exactly happening.


Hi Kharis,

Very late thanks for your answer. I kept 1200x850 size for images in the widget. There is still one surplus pixel at the bottom of the middle image (as we can see in your screenshot) but that’s fine enough.

I tried the Post Types Order plugin you recommanded, but it also changes the order of the publications in the newsfeed, and not only in the widget. So I’ll keep the chronological order for now.

Thank you,