Google Tag Manager code causes site crashing


I had google tag manager code placed on my website. There was no problem at the beginning. However, now there is a white bar appearing at the very bottom of the website. (Below the footer.)

I found out whenever I remove the code snippet of google tag manager this white bar is disappearing. More specifically, whenever I remove the code snippet that suppose to be placed right after the tag.

Is there anyone else, facing the same problem. Can anyone suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

To check whether it’s really Sydney theme specific issue, try switching to one of the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen and see if the issue disappears.

Please share a link to your site to help us easier inspecting what’s causing you this issue. If you want it to remain private, share it to – mention the link to this topic in your message body to signal it’s a continuation of this conversation.