Google Pagespeed Insights ranking for computer

Hello again,

I am sorry to be a pain, asking lots of questions. I just finished my homepage on and tested it in Google Pagespeed Insights:

Acceptable score for mobile devices (64/100) but lousy score for computer (29/100)! Google complains that images are not optimized. I have shrunk the images as much as possible but I suspect they are not rendered properly on the page.

What can I/we do to fix this? Many thanks in advance!

Hi, i think your images and website loading well and fast enough. also here is test report from another trusted pagespeed checker but if you want to success specially for google’s pagespeed insights please check this article

Thanks Oren, my only problem here is that I have little control over the image sizes shown in the widgets on the front page. I think those can be reduced by showing the correct sizes in the widgets, not the original sizes.

Google are pretty clear that load speed is a factor in SEO and ranking nowadays.


The original sizes aren’t shown. Those are theme defined image sizes which need to account for all screen sizes. I can reduce them a bit more. Meanwhile, run this plugin please.

Already running it. :slight_smile:

Will a regenerate thumbnails help in this case?

Yeap, if you have older images.

Ran Regenerate Thumbnails and the total size of page has shrunk from 3,3MB to 3,1MB according to Pingdom.

Score has increased from 29 to 33 in Google Pagespeed Insights. Better but far from great.

Hi, i recommend you to use this plugin for cache and minifying. That will improve your score. I recommend you to use premium version aswell. Its the best plugin for pagespeed right now.

Hi Oren,

Thanks for the tip! I am hosted with Siteground and already running their SG Super Cache. When the theme was updated to 1.11 the rankings improved a lot with Google.