Google maps zoom and template single timeline problem


first of all, we are very happy with your astrid pro theme, and we buyed the full package 199€.
please excuse my English, I hope you can understand everything.

we are using astrid pro and wp47.
2 things:
we are using the astrid pro contact widget and the wp store locator plugin together.
the api-key is inserted in astrid pro settings and wp store locator settings.
on the website the map is shown correct, but after some zoom the map will get grey.
on website console it shows this error:
"You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors."
so I erased the api key on astrid pro configuration, but it makes no difference.

since wp47 we do not see the single timeline template on the page edit site.
as soon as we edit a timeline page (before wp47 all ok) the template changes to default and the timeline will not shown in the widget.
in the database we can change the template maunal again to single-event.php and then it is showing again on the page.


We have to think about this for a bit. I’ll let you know once we have a solution.
Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

Ok, you need to update both Astrid and Astrid Pro and the templates thing should be resolved.

For the maps api, I’ve added an option to Customize > Astrid Pro option > Google Maps to disable the API. But this relies on the fact that the plugin you’re using is loading the API on every page.

thank you for fast update.
but I have problem to install it.

Error: "Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized"
On Astrid Pro setting I have activated the licence.


Please deactivate the license and activate it again.

I did and the update did work.

The google maps problem is solved now.
But we still have no access to the single timeline template on the page edit site.

Have you updated the theme too?

yes, my fail. It is fixed now.
thank you!