Google Maps "Oops, something went wrong"

My website


Seems to be having problems with the contact form connecting to google maps.

I thought it was because I had the same form at the bottom of each page but I removed them all but the home page and still no luck.

Pls Help!


Have you updated to the latest version of Astrid Pro? You can now find a section in Customize > Astrid Pro where you can add your Google Maps API key. It no longer works without an API key since Google changed its policy.

Thanks Vlad. Need to remember to keep updating!

One more thing, is there any way to completely remove the top menu?

I have a one page website so its not needed and doesn’t suit the website I’m building.

Yeah, it can be done with some CSS added in a custom CSS plugin. Depends on what you want exactly:

  1. The whole bar:

.site-header {display: none;}

  1. Just the menu itself:

.main-navigation {display: none;}