Google Maps not showing

Hi and thanks for your great work!

I inserted shortcodes generated by a.) Google Maps Builder and b.) WP Google Maps in various locations (for testing) on the Front Page.

  1. In a text widget (in a column next to Contact Form 7, which is working)

  2. In the footer widget B.

  3. In the “Moesia Above Footer Widget”.

None of these locations show a map. I searched for conflicts with other plug-ins but to no avail. Only the shortcode is displayed in the frontend.
When both map plug-ins are activated, the shortcodes disappear and the space expands as if a map was there, but it is not displayed.

Please take a look at

Thanks alot in advance,

Hi, it is probably because shortcodes won’t execute in widget. Try placing code below to your functions.php file or use Code Snippets plugin (it is easier).
add_filter(‘widget_text’ ‘do_shortcode’);

Thanks for that! Unfortunately this did not change anything. The shortcode for Contact Form 7 is working in widgets.

BTW the WP toolbar is not showing in the frontend, just a blank space.
In other installations it’s fine …!?

Try using your shortcode in the regular Text widget please. You have it in Black Studio now.

The theme isn’t doing anything regarding the toolbar so this might come from somewhere else.

Ok, it is now in a text widget (in a column next to Contact Form 7, which is working.

… to be clear: Contact Form 7 is working, not Google Maps.

So this is happening while the code provided by dimikjones above is added? I just tried with the WP Google Maps plugin you mentioned and it’s working fine for me.

Yes, I added the code above with Code Snippets. I deactivated all plugins besides the ones that are obligatory for MOESIA.

I just checked it on our demo site and it also works there without issues in both the page builder and in the regular widget areas. It’s in the footer now for a bit if you want to see it:
Edit: what I meant to say is that we unfortunately cannot help in this matter.

Which map plugin did you use?

The one you mentioned: WP Google Maps

Hello again,

I am started from scratch. Importing demo data gave this alert:
Import von product_type external fehlgeschlagen
Import von product_type grouped fehlgeschlagen
Import von product_type simple fehlgeschlagen
Import von product_type variable fehlgeschlagen

fehlgeschlagen = failed

Is this of any importance?

No, that’s simply because you didn’t have Woocommerce active when you imported and we did when we exported. There is no data for it anyway.