Google Maps API Issues

So in the past I’ve used the free version of Sydney, and this is my first Pro website.

I’ve been trying to use WP Store Locator to create a store locator for the website I’m developing. However I’m receiving a lot of errors, and the first one is:

You have included the Google Maps Javascript API multiple times on this page. May cause unexpected errors.

So I’m wondering if there is a way to disable the internal Google Maps api code, because I believe it is the reason I’ve been having conflict issues with anything involving Google Maps.

Hello there,

Google Map API now requires billing account enable, which means no longer free. Have you set it up yours?

New pricing is now in effect for Google Maps Platform. Please refer to the new pricing sheet.


You completely missed my question. Billing and acquiring the Key were not my issue. The underlying API calls from the internal Sydney Pro Google Map API was preventing me from using any other plugin that utilized Google Maps. I had to find the functions, and write some code to disable them. Thanks though.

I am sorry for the mistake. Sydney doesn’t have Google Map API option. Please edit the page where you put the map. Probably the Google Map API key resides in there.