Google indexing images

hi team,

I’m having some issues with google indexing images from my site and displaying them in the search results. I know some themes I’ve used in the past have some type of code or other measure to prevent that from happening, but I don’t think Sydney pro does. I’m using the Remove URLs Tool from Google Console to see if that helps. But I was wondering if you guys have any other resources/options for this issue.

Also, in the past when I’ve made topics on this site asking for help also pops p when you search my site, is there any way to remove them? I know that process is different because it involves your site/settings and not mine.


My site is:
and if you search omnirah on google, this is what pops up of google images: (a lot of these posts are from your site.)


I know I don’t have permission to delete what I’ve posted in the past on the support/forum on this site, so what can I do?


I’m not sure what is your current issue, can you please specify it?

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support