Google font set

I watched your video about the google fonts; however when I highlighted it nothing happened. I have tried repeatedly, yet nothing happens. I watched the video again. Please tell me how to get to google font set. The default font set if you enlarge it it adds space between the lines. It looks like the entire website is double spaced. If appears that building the site was easy, tweaking it is not.

Google Fonts can be found here: See the documentation if you need help in selecting Google Fonts:

Hello there,

What Google Font would you like to use? Please take a screenshot of your current font configuration in your site customizer. To share an image here, you’ll need to upload it first to the free file hosting service like and then share its link here.

Do you have an active cache plugin like W3 Total Cache? If so, try clearing all cache and then reload your site. See if it resolves the problem.

To help me easier inspecting the trouble on your site, please share your site link here.