Google analytics on one page website


I have created a one-page website with Sydney.
By default google analytics does not show what areas of the page are being visited by the visitor. Is there an easy way to add tracking information somewhere, using the standard functionality that comes with the theme?

(I am using google analytics by yoast plugin)

Kind regards and thanks for your response…

Thank you very much for letting me use your wonderful theme for free!

The site is almost ready. Still struggling with the above issue though…

I would expect that there is a way to add some code for tracking somewhere in the page or widget definitions ?
Since I have created a one-page website this is important to be able to track what areas the people are viewing on my website…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello there,

Adding google analytics for a single page website requires a lot of work and coding experience, and good article is this one

On the other hand my suggestion is to try to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage the analytics calls. You’ll still need to add some JS code to load GTM, and instructions can be found here

Unfortunately we cannot help you much regarding your question, because this is realy beyond the scope of our support, but I hope that you will be able to achieve better results with GTM.

Let us know how this turned out.
All the Best!

I have installed GTM and this turns out to do most of the things I need.
Thanks for pointing me into this direction!

Thanks for update,

Glad to hear that I have helped you a bit with this.

All the Best!