Going pro

If I buy the pro template, will it maintain all my customization changes and settings that I have made so far on the free version? (And my child theme?)


No, it’s a different theme so it has different database entries. Everything you changed in the Customizer will be lost, the content will remain. The child theme will need to be changed from template: sydney to template: sydney-pro

Thanks for the fast response Vlad!

One follow up - all the entries for employees, services, etc, will carry over just fine to the new theme, however, right?

Thanks again!

Yeap, any kind of content will still be there. Including the layouts built with the Page Builder.

The menu will be kept but will need to be re-assigned and the Customizer changes (colors etc.) need to be re-done. Looks like there’s a plugin which can help with the export/import of Customizer settings but I haven’t tried it yet.