Going back to the top page while clicking on an internal link


Hello !

I’m using the free version and find it really design and beautiful.
I also found it quite easy to configure but this behaviour is very annoying to me and I didn’t manage to stop it. Every time we click on an article, a title, a menu or whichever internal link, we go back to the top page and we have to scrolldown again… Is it possible to stay (when we are below the welcome area) at the level where we are and only the content changes. If we want to go up to enjoy again our wonderful welcome animation, we will scroll-up !
I don’t want to be welcomed each time I click… :wink:

Thank you for your help !



link url to

sorry it dont work



That’s why you have the option to disable the welcome area on all pages except the front page. You can find it in Customize > Welcome area.