Go pro


Hi guys,

I want to go for West Pro, but my current website is almost done with the West (free) theme. What is the best way to go pro without losing anything?


Hello there,

Thank you for your interest to upgrade.

Please head on here. Follow along this tutorial. For the West Pro, the third step should be like the following.

Open that file in any text editor (like Notepad on Windows, TextWrangler on Mac) and do a Find&Replace (Ctrl+H in Notepad, ⌘F in TextWrangler) for s:6:"west" and replace with s:13:"west-pro". Save the file;

Please let us know if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

Warmest regards,


Hi Kharis, thanks that would work!


Hi Kharis,

I cant find the s:6:’‘west’’ in the file.


Dear Hich,

Try to find "west".

Warmest regards,


Hi Kharis,

This one: a:3:{s:8:“template”;s:4:“west”;s:4


Dear Hich,

Yes, that one.