Ghost Image

Hi, my home page seems to call an old image over http which means my secure lock is not showing. The old image has been deleted from the gallery and all header images are now from the gallery showing https, but the page inspection shows this image, which I can’t seem to find where it is?

If I can delete this image my secure lock should show, which is really important for a site just about to start selling, can you help thanks?

The image causing this showing on ‘page inspection’ is -

The website is

Can you please help me delete this image, I have already deleted it in customisation and header images and re-uploaded it twice. Thanks.

Hello there,

From your site dashboard, please visit Appearance > Customize > Header area > Header Slider. Then reupload your fifth slide image.


Hi Kharis, I’ve done that, and deleted the original from my media gallery and uploaded a new header image, still no working. :frowning:

OK fxed it :slight_smile: Thanks, re-uploaded the 5th image as you said but not that image, if that makes sense!