Getting ascii codes instead of correct characters



I’m getting ascii codes appearing on HP widgets (e.g. Blockquote). I’d copy and paste what I am seeing but this support forum converts correctly! Please see site for reference.

I also see the same issue when I look at the demo site under the “A message from our manager” section.

My site is - please see home page, “Message from our founder” section.




Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed the topic now.

It was just my security paranoia. Please go to /widgets/fp-blockquote.php and go to line 115.
Find this:

<blockquote><?php echo esc_textarea($blockquote); ?></blockquote>

Replace it with this:

<blockquote><?php echo $blockquote; ?></blockquote>

Something felt wrong about your site.
Tip 1: You don’t need to add this Ket: was 100px as a propriety, you can simply add is as a comment next to what you changed like this top: 999px; /Was 100px/
Tip 2: You shouldn’t change theme files directly because you’re going to lose your changes when you update the theme. Use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin if you’re only doing CSS changes - the blockquote above is excluded from this because we’re going to add it anyway in the next update.


Thanks Vlad - thats fixed now! And thank you for the tips as well. I will learn about child themes/CSS plugin and move my amends there. Didn’t think about theme updates!