Getting a similar look as in one of the premade layouts


thank you for this great theme.
I’m working on a website on my local machine and trying to figure out how you did the photo look of the premade layout no. 3 :

If I download this and load it into my page the images are not apearing.
I tried to set some images of my own on the page but they do not apppear.
Is it important which resolution the images have?

Best thing would be if the image is resized and cutted in the size it needs to be to fit in the container next to the text.
Or do I need to fit it by myself?



Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for responding slowly.

The images doesn’t appear because they aren’t included in the premade layout file (sydney-layout-3.json). It isn’t considered as a bug. It was intentionally built like that. You should set them manually through the widget design options. Edit the respective widget > Widget Styles > Design > Background Image > upload your image > in the option that says “Background Image Display”, select “Cover”.

> Is it important which resolution the images have?

To have better result, I’d suggest the image dimension isn’t less than 833 x 400 px. As the background image display is set to “Cover”, it behaves to scale the image as large as possible and maintains image aspect ratio (the image doesn’t get squished). Please refer here. You don’t need to fit it by yourself.